Barclays Africa Supply Chain Challenge

Do you have the idea that will revolutionise the world around you?

Barclays has a proud tradition of fintech innovation and we’re committed to working with young people across the world. With our new pan-African challenge, we’re inviting teams of innovators to submit ideas that will shake up the supply chain and add real value for millions of people.

We’ll be inviting five finalists to present their ideas to an expert panel, with the winning team crowned ‘Barclays Africa Innovation Challenge Winner 2015’.

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The challenge

The focus for this challenge is supply chain transparency. The supply chain, the journey of a product from manufacture to consumer, is often disjointed and inefficient. Currently there is a huge amount of interest in how we can increase this transparency of origin, not least with the use of blockchain technology.

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And what we’re looking for are world-beating ideas that will change the way the supply chain works - in Africa and across the globe.

Challenge criteria:

  • Propose a solution that creates more transparency between sellers and buyers, producers and consumers, throughout the supply chain.
  • Use blockchain, distributed ledger or any other technology.
  • The challenge is open to individuals, teams and start-ups based in Africa
  • Entrants should be aged between 18-35 years
  • Can be for any industry - textiles, mining, finance, food, water and more.

The prizes

There will be five finalists. One member from each team will be invited to Cape Town on an all-expenses-paid trip to pitch their idea. They will receive professional pitch coaching and will present the idea to a panel of industry experts and Barclays executives.

Of the five finalists, one winning entry will be crowned 'Barclays Africa Innovation Challenge Winner 2015'. The team will also receive $10 000 USD in prize money and a Barclays mentor for 6 months.

The judges

We are excited to announce a panel of influential judges including industry leaders and top Barclays executives from across Africa:

  • Erik Hersman - CEO of BRCK and co-founder of Ushahidi and iHub Nairobi
  • Ian Merrington - CEO of the Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative (CiTi) and the Bandwidth Barn
  • Teju Ajani - Regional content partnerships lead for YouTube in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Ashley Veasey - CIO of Barclays Africa
  • Andrew Baker - CIO for Corporate, Investment Banking and Payments at Barclays Africa

The calendar

Some important dates for the challenge diary:



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The supply chain

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