Understanding the sell-down

Here at Barclays Bank Mozambique, we’re about to take an exciting step towards unlocking our destiny on the continent. The international banking group called Barclays PLC is selling some of their shares in our holding company Barclays Africa Group, offering us the opportunity to grow a truly African bank.  So, if you have any questions as the sell-down progresses, this is where we’ll answer them.

And the best bit about this? You don’t need to do anything except carry on with your banking the same way you always have, as we work to make your experience even better. So, although Barclays Africa Group’s shareholders may change, we’ll make sure that you continue to prosper.


  • What does the sell-down mean for Mozambique?
  • How is our business structured?
  • What is the Barclays sell-down?
  • Why is Barclays PLC selling shares in Africa?
  • Is Barclays leaving Mozambique?
  • Is my bank going to close?
  • Is my money going to be safe?
  • How will the sell-down impact me?
  • Who owns Barclays Africa Group now?
  • Will the IT systems and online banking security be affected?
  • Will the Bank be rebranded?
  • What should I do about the sell-down?