Get ready Africa

By the end of December 2017, London-based Barclays PLC had reduced its shareholding in our holding company Barclays Africa Group Limited to 14.9%, allowing us to make some exciting changes.

The first of these is the decision to change our holding company name from Barclays Africa Group Limited to Absa Group Limited, subject to approval from our regulators and shareholders.

This change is happening at a group level and you probably won’t notice any change at all, as Barclays Banks on the continent will not change their name immediately.

But it is important, because it is the first step in our journey to ultimately having one brand, Absa, across all our operations (subject to regulatory approval).

So let’s get ready for exciting new possibilities.

What is the Barclays sell-down?

Why are you changing the Barclays brand?

Why did you decide on Absa as the new brand?

Can I expect any other changes when the name of my bank changes?

When will my Barclays Bank become Absa?

Can I still use my Barclays credit and debit cards, cheque book and Barclays digital platforms?

Is Barclays PLC still involved in any way?

Can I have the same confidence in this new brand as I have in Barclays?