Our approach


Shared Growth has transformed our Citizenship agenda from an isolated concept to an integrated principal that lies at the heart of our business strategy in Africa. By using our core assets and expertise to develop commercial, scalable solutions to societal challenges we want to impact employability and sustainable livelihoods; the enhanced formation, growth and inclusion of small enterprises within the economy; and greater access to appropriate financial services for the unbanked.

In order to do so we are focusing on the following three areas:


  • Education and skills; we will provide skills development to support employability and self-employability, as well as facilitate access to quality education to deepen knowledge and build skills for the next generation.
  • Enterprise development; we offer innovative financial solutions and business development support services to small and medium businesses to nurture the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.
  • Financial inclusion; we enable digital and non-digital access for underserved consumers through real banking and value-add products and services to promote wider convenient access to financial services.