Benefits of working at Barclays Africa

The opportunity is in the challenge. Working at Barclays Africa means:

Challenging work and a chance to make a difference:

  • A career at Barclays Africa promises opportunity and challenge – an opportunity to be part of an organisation that is changing the future of banking, and the challenge to drive the change.

Recognition and fair reward for your contribution:

  • As well as a competitive, industry-benchmarked salary, many employees benefit from a discretionary annual performance incentive. The amount individuals receive depends on their own performance as well as that of the organisation.

A wide choice of career paths:

  • There is more to working at Barclays Africa than just banking. As a financial powerhouse, we’re able to offer clients a range of services from life insurance, financial advice, corporate and investment banking through to cell phone banking and credit lending.

Continuous learning:

  • When it comes to professional development, Barclays Africa uses the 70:20:10 model. We believe that 70% of learning happens on the job, 20% occurs by drawing on the knowledge of others and 10% is gained through formal learning.
  • This is why learning at Barclays Africa is not confined to the classroom. Our employees benefit from a range of development opportunities from mentoring to online education and support to pursue professional qualifications.