Barclays Africa 2016 integrated report

Our 2016 integrated report is now available to stakeholders.

Our integrated report is our primary report to our shareholders and contains information that is relevant to other stakeholders. It is focused on matters we consider to be material – those that have, or could have, the ability to influence our financial performance or our reputation or impact on our licence to operate.

We continued focusing on sustainable growth in 2016, and dealt with a number of significant developments which influenced our strategic considerations and performance. The most significant of these was Barclays PLC’s decision to reduce its shareholding in Barclays Africa due to regulatory capital requirements. Despite this and other regulatory, macroeconomic and geopolitical factors, our focus on strong corporate governance, our customers, clients, employees and appropriate responses to regulatory change enabled us to make progress on our Goal to be the financial services group of choice in Africa.

We believe this report presents a fair and balanced view of our integrated performance and shows we are creating sustainable value and prosperity for stakeholders.