Our One Africa strategy

We are strongly positioned as a fully local bank with regional and international expertise. We aspire to build the leading financial services group in our chosen countries in Africa and selected customer and client segments, and to remain locally relevant and competitive in all the countries where we operate. Our strategy targets the key areas for growth, and maintains sound controls that focus on risk management – with sufficient stretch built in to deliver appropriate value for our shareholders.

Our integrated planning process ensures our strategy and key resource considerations are integrated into our financial and execution plans. This process reflects on choices in terms of our strategic ambition and the opportunities we will pursue. Our execution plans outline the required capabilities and the focused initiatives undertaken to achieve our ambitions.

We continue on our journey to distinguish ourselves …

  • … from international banks by operating a bank with deep African insights from our local operations.
  • … from local and regional banks through our access to international technologies and products and ability to connect our customers and clients seamlessly to international markets.
  • …by embodying Shared Growth as a business ethos and a sustainable way of conducting business.

Driving change through four strategic themes…

African opportunity   Customer and client experience Simplify and accelerate   Powered by people and technology
Investing in the greatest growth opportunities and connecting Africa to international capital markets   Making our customers’ and clients’ lives easier and helping them to prosper Simplifying our business processes to better serve our customers and clients, by sustainably reducing costs and improving efficiencies   Unlocking the power of a dynamic workforce enabled by technology, information and innovation to deliver value to our customers and clients

By focusing on …

Growing banking and insurance in key retail business market segments


Creating value propositions informed by data insights and innovation


Developing, automating and optimising our products and processes


Attracting, developing and retaining employees

Serving corporate clients in key growth sectors and enabling international client coverage


Serving our customers and clients through a network of branches, ATMS, corporate officers and digital platforms, including internet and apps, point-of-sale and call centres


Delivering our technology resilience programme


Empowering our employees with information and technology

Measured against our medium-term targets…

  • A return on equity in the range of 18%–20%
  • Top-three revenue position in our five key markets (Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Zambia)
  • A revenue share of 20–25% from the rest of Africa
  • A cost-to-income ratio in the low 50s

While building the Group of the future…

We keep evolving and building new strategic capabilities that enable us to be relevant and competitive as we move into the future.
These initiatives include:

  • New digital payment technologies; and
  • Leveraging strategic partnerships to drive innovation, increase market access and enhance our customer value propositions.