Board Committees

The Board is supported by the following committees:

  • Directors' Affairs Committee (DAC) - Corporate governance, board nominations and related matters.
  • Group Audit and Compliance Committee (GACC) (includes Disclosure Committee) - Internal controls, compliance, internal and external audit, accounting and external reporting.
  • Group Risk and Capital Management Committee (GRCMC) – Risk, risk appetite, capital and liquidity management.
  • Group Remuneration Committee (RemCo) -Remuneration and incentive arrangements, policy and disclosures, executive appointments and succession.
  • Social and Ethics Committee (SEC) - Conduct risk, sustainability, stakeholder management, corporate citizenship, ethics, labour, diversity and inclusion, and general human resources and talent management matters.
  • Information Technology Committee (ITC) - IT systems, data, architecture and innovation, resilience and return on investment
  • Board Finance Committee (BFC) - Financial results, annual budgets, and acquisitions and disposals.
  • Credit Concentration Risk Committee (CoRC) - Credit exposures above 10% of the Group's qualifying capital and reserves, portfolio exposures, applicable impairment trends and concentration risks.
  • Models Committee (MC) - Approval of material model and models governance oversight.
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