Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee deals with all material matters relating to implementing the Group’s agreed strategy.


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Committee members:

Maria Ramos (58)
Peter Matlare (58)
Jason Quinn (43)


Chief Executive Officer
Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Rest of Africa operations)
Group Financial Director

Maria, Jason and Peter also serve on the Board as Executive Directors.

Arrie Rautenbach (52)
August van Heerden (56)
Bobby Malabie (57)

Bongiwe Gangeni (39)
Charles Russon (51)
Charles Wheeler (53)
Nomkhita Nqweni (43)

Yasmin Masithela (44)

Chief Executive:Retail and Business Banking South Africa
Chief Risk Officer
Group Executive:Brand and Corporate Relations

Deputy Chief Executive:Retail and Business Banking
Group Executive:Engineering Service 
General Counsel and the Acting Head of Compliance
Chief Executive:Wealth,Investment Management and Insurance

Group Executive:Strategic Services

* Ages are as at 31 December 2017